Learn About Our Processes

Learn a little more about the méthode champenoise process that we use at Carter Estate Winery and Resort. 

While you will certainly be able to indulge in both still and sparkling wines at our winery resort, sparkling wine is the only style wine that we produce here at Carter Estate Winery and Resort’s wine production facilities. Our wine makers utilize the méthode champenoise process, a traditional and labor-intensive method, to create our elegant and mysterious sparkling wines.

The process involves first creating and bottling a still wine, which is the first fermentation. Then, we add yeast and sugar to create a second fermentation and seal off the bottle. These ingredients create carbon dioxide, and because it cannot escape, it dissolves into the wine. Once this fermentation process is complete, we age the wine for a minimum of a year and a half, after which the bottles are riddled. The next step involves removing the yeast and sediment, which we follow by topping off the bottle with a little more wine and extra sugar, a practice called dosage.

When the process is complete, we serve you a perfectly aged, great tasting sparkling wine.