Arrive & Begin the Ultimate Wine Country Experience

Carter Estate Winery is located about an hour's drive from Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Orange County, and San Diego!

We have four international airports and six major airports close by including:

  • Ontario Airport — 57 Miles
  • San Diego — 69 Miles
  • Orange County — 89 Miles
  • LAX — 96 Miles
  • Long Beach Airport
  • Palm Springs Airport

From the north – San Diego:

  1. From I-10 East/I-5 South, keep left and take I-10 East/San Bernardino Freeway East via EXIT 1D toward I-10 East/San Bernardino.
  2. Merge onto CA-71 South via EXIT 42B toward Corona.
  3. Merge onto CA-91E/Riverside Freeway East via the exit on the left toward Riverside.
  4. Merge onto I-15 S via EXIT 51 toward San Diego.
  5. Take the Rancho Cal Rd exit, EXIT 59, toward Old Town Front St.
  6. Turn left onto Rancho California Rd.
  7. Carter Estate Winery is on the right.

From the south – Los Angeles:

  1. From I-5 South/San Diego Freeway South, merge onto CA-163 N via EXIT16 toward Escondido.
  2. CA-163 N becomes I-15 N/Escondido Freeway North.
  3. Take the Rancho California Road exit, EXIT 59, toward Old Town Front Street.
  4. Turn right onto Rancho California Rd.
  5. Carter Estate Winery is on the right.